Delta Partners Management Consultants
Your trusted advisors.

Your Trusted Advisors

Delta Partners' mission is to deliver excellence in consulting services as we advise our clients and help them reach their goals. 

Our Principles

Delta Partners has been providing meaningful, reliable, and cost-effective services and solutions for more than 22 years. We believe that success requires principle-driven leadership. 

Excellence at Delta Partners is driven by:

  • Strategy, People, Process – We understand that strategy, people, and processes are the cornerstones for organizational success. Our consulting associates have knowledge, training, and experience in each and understand how all three fit together and how best to develop approaches for long-term success.
  • Practical Solutions – We pride ourselves on our client-centric practices. Delta Partners works alongside our clients to provide solutions that are tailored to their specific needs, are practical, and can be successfully implemented.
  • Proven Experience– Our roster of consulting associates have a wide-variety of expertise. Delta Partners, through our consulting associates and strategic partners, has access to a pool of over 61 professional consultants, who could be actively involved with project work ensuring that we can find the right fit for your need.
  • Guaranteed Quality– We warrant that the services provided by our consulting associates meet or exceed our client’s requirements. Our Quality and Service Pledge meets and exceeds the CMC-Canada and CMC International Codes of Professional Conduct.
  • Committment to Your Success– Our success depends on our clients’ success. Our commitment to client success does not stop once the consulting engagement is complete. We make sure to “stay in touch” post-engagement to confirm that the solutions provided by Delta Partners are being successfully implemented and provide added-value. We will also respond to client enquires or provide advice and guidance post-project to help respond to any contingencies or challenges that they may face.

What it Means to be Your Trusted Advisors

Our goal is to become your Trusted Advisors. To do this, we must build a working relationship with our clients in which they can have confidence in our professionalism,  and in the advice and guidance that we provide.

When engaged in a consulting assignment, we are not satisfied with only completing the assignment, but in maintaing a relationship. This allows us to confirm that our associates have not only successfully completed the project, but that the recommended solutions are being successfully implemented and provide added-value. And, when needed, we are always ready to provide additional guidance to help our clients evaluate any on-going challenges. 

Delta Partners is a living and breathing learning organization. Our associates are thought leaders who are active in research, writing, and sharing across many platforms, communities and conversations, including the Delta Blog. We strongly believe that the quality and professionalism of our associates will not only provide the results that you expect, but that they will become your Trusted Advisors.

By allowing Delta Partners to become your Trusted Advisors we can assure you that you will be able to depend on us beyond the current project—we believe in the long view.

The right answer begins with the right questions.