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Strategy & Planning

Scenario Analysis

By using Scenario and Contingency Planning, your organization can:

  • Achieve a higher degree of organizational learning;
  • Raise and challenge both implicit and widely held beliefs and assumptions about the business and its strategic direction;
  • Identify key levers that can influence the company's future course;
  • Turn long-range planning into a vital, shared experience;
  • Develop a clearer view of the future; and
  • Incorporate globalization and change management into strategic analysis.

We can help your organization by providing complete Scenario and Contingency Analysis solutions through research necessary to identify and monitor key trends, wildcard factors, predetermined events and critical uncertainties; by identifying trends and events likely to influence the future of your organization using systems thinking and creativity; by exploring the cross impacts of the various trends or factors on your organization; and, by inventing scenarios to develop alternative robust strategies.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a systematic way for your organization to renew the departments as well as analyze the economic and competitive prospects. Through Strategic Planning, your organization can chart a long-term course of action to:

  • Capitalize on their strengths,
  • Overcome their weaknesses,
  • Take advantage of opportunities, and
  • Defend against threats to their organization.

We can help your organization by providing complete Strategic Planning solutions for program planning & design, program implementation and management, and program evaluation. We also provide a strategic reporting and marketing action plan by working closely with your organization and the stakeholders to develop strategies and run through possible scenarios, organize and systematize the program planning, develop strategic frameworks, identify and collect the data needed to monitor and improve programming, and, by involving and engaging stakeholders in the design, processes, and the use of evaluations. This expertise, extensive experience and a flexible approach enables us to work closely with your organization leading to successful outcomes.

Operational Planning

Operational Planning helps your organization to:

  • Effectively execute the goals identified in your strategic plan,
  • Determine where to focus attention and where to take a step back, and
  • Adjust and develop controls where efficiencies can be increased and where time and costs can be reduced.
  • Operational Planning focuses on implementation.

We can help your organization by providing complete Operational Planning solutions through working closely with your organizations and the stakeholders to identify and collect the data needed to monitor and improve organizational layouts, develop and update business plans, create business cases that display the financial results and other consequences of a business action, and forecast business decision results in terms that are clear, concrete and credible. We provide complete Management Review solutions through assessing opportunities or challenges that Managers face in particular situations that will help to evaluate priorities, assign resources and maximize the benefits of the opportunities or challenges.

We can also assist your organization’s project teams to design activities and outputs that will support strategic priorities.

Business System Planning

When your organization is faced with legislative or policy changes that result in the need to restructure existing departments, with associated changes in Information Management (IM) requirements or the need for improvements to the policies and procedures for the planning and management of IM systems; you will need Business System Planning.

We can help your organization by providing complete Business Systems Planning solutions for your organization’s IM systems through analyzing, defining and designing information architecture of the various departments within an organization. We will work with your organization to define the data, processes, strategies, and cross-functional procedures within the departments; clarify the issues and opportunities with the current applications and technical architecture; develop a future state and migration path for the technology that supports the enterprise; provide business executives with a direction and decision making framework for IT capital expenditures, and, provide a blueprint for the information system development. Overall we provide an actionable roadmap that aligns technology investments to your organization’s business strategy.


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