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Root Cause Analysis Training & Facilitation

Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.
     - Henry Ford

Delta Partners defines Root Cause Analysis (RCA) as:

  1. A structured problem-solving suite of tools that exposes the underlying complexities and issues surrounding a challenge that might not be immediately obvious.
  2. A way of ensuring that all factors have been considered in the investigation process.
  3. A systematic approach to drill down through the obvious symptoms to uncover the true root causes.
  4. A prerequisite for effective corrective and preventative actions.
  5. A fundamental tool for continuous improvement activities.

We use a variety of tools and client-specific case studies in our training to ensure that your team actually acquires the skills that they need to implement RCA, while the facilitation activites ensure that the application of RCA has a measureable impact on your bottom line.

Control analysis-350x255Is your staff engaged in continuous firefighting?

By clearly identifying the true cause of a problem, you can:

  • Better utilize the people in your organization.
  • Reduce frustration.
  • Empower individuals to drive continuous improvement initiatives.

How much of your budget goes to fixing the same problem again and again?

Robust investigation of problems:

  • Eliminates repeated investment in band-aid solutions.
  • Optimizes process mapping analysis because you are working with valid data.

How easily can a new problem turn into a catastrophy?

By understanding a system view of your organization’s defenses against failure, you can:

  • Remove or reduce pre-conditions for failure.
  • Understand the organizational and management weaknesses that allow incidents to snowball.
  • Enhance your Enterprise Risk Management program by categorizing known and newly-discovered problem root causes.

Course Outline

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One Day

This is our standard one-day offering that is normally accompanied by a one-day facilitation exercise.  It is also possible to expand and customize this training module to a multiple day offering as your needs require. 

  • RCA overview
  • Prioritizing problems
  • Problem definition
  • The importance of evidence
  • Defining causality
  • Defining categorization
  • Tools overview
    • 5 Why’s
    • Ishikawa (Fishbone) diagrams
    • Causal Tree
  • Integrating RCA into a corrective/preventative process
  • Effective solutions

Two Day

The Two Day program includes all of the content of the One Day program, and adds:

  • Investigative interviewing techniques
  • Tools
    • Barrier/Energy Flow Analysis
    • Control Failure Analysis
  • Human Performance
  • Swiss Cheese Model (James Reason)

Extended training options are available; please contact us for more information.