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Project Management

In simplest terms, Project Management is the art of organising resources and efforts in such a way as to achieve the desired outcome(s) of a project to the full satisfaction of the client, on time and on budget. All projects have requirements, face risks, and have limitations. Project Management provides a structured framework, a manner of thinking, and a clearly defined approach to ensuring that all requirements are met, all risks are identified and mitigated and that all limitations are taken into consideration in the planning and conduct of the project.

Plan to Fail

Most of us are familiar with the old adage “Fail to plan...plan to Fail”. But, did you know that the rule of thumb is that 5% to 15 % of your overall project effort should be project management effort and 50 % of that should be spent on planning?

It is also widely known that – in some way - 30% to 70% of projects fail. These statistics highlight why 20 out of the 42 project management processes in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) are planning processes. (Learn more in Mangers: 7 Steps to Successful Project Launch)

Why Project Management Matters?

Integrating better project management processes is an important part of managing risk and doing business. And in turn, ensuring that your organization has the tools, systems, and human resources to support an integrated approach to planning, reporting, and performance measurement is essential to ensure accountability and the effective use of your resources. 

Project Management Support

Delta Partners can provide you with a full range of Project Management support based on current best practices including:

  • Individual Practitioners:
    • Project Managers (Senior, Intermediate and Junior)
    • Project Leaders
    • Project Administrators
    • Project Schedulers
    • Project Comptrollers
    • Risk Managers (may include certified Risk Management Professionals)
  • Project Management Teams:
    • Comprised of any/all of the above practitioners, plus experts in other areas (such as systems development, financial analysis, technical writing, etc), depending on the size and nature of the project
  • Project Management Offices:
    • May include all the skill above, plus financial, HR and administrative employees
  • Project Oversight:
    • Applicable to all Delta managed projects, comprises first line of Delta’s PM Quality Assurance program
    • Includes
      • over-view by a senior project manager (normally practice leader), ideally experienced in the project area
      • provides guidance and assistance to project members
    • Identifies, forestalls and/or resolves potential conflicts or frictions between project team member(s) and clients
    • Assists in deconflicting contentious issues, such as scope creep.

Project Management Consulting Services

In order to meet our clients' varied project management objectives, Delta Partners' Project Management Consulting Services are custom-designed and fully compliant witht he Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) or PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) methodology.

We provide our clients with a broad expertise in the delivery of Project Management Consulting Services that include:

  • Project Management Maturity Model and Strategy Assessment
  • Assessment of Organizational Project or Program Management Capabilities and Effectiveness
  • Benchmarking of Project Management Capabilities
  • Defining Project/Program Management Framework/Governance
  • Cultivating a Project Management Culture
  • Plan and Implement Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Assessment and Selection of Project Management Software
  • Select and Implement Virtual Project Office
  • Implement Project Management Processes and Procedures
  • PRINCE2 Fit Assessment and Implementation
  • Project Management Process Training
  • Project Management Tools - PMBOK and PRINCE2 based
  • Preparing Project Initiation Documentation for Treasury Board Submissions
  • Project Set-Up and Launch
  • Project Planning and Implementation
  • Project Audit and Gap Assessment
  • Project Review
  • Project Rescue
  • Project Risk Assessment and Planning
  • Project Manager/Team Training, Development and Coaching
  • Project Implementation Leader
  • Real Property Project Manager

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