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Integrated Change Management

Change Management is not just another project – it’s built-in to everything we do.

As consultants, we help our clients with a range of management issues – everything from strategy development and performance measurement to process improvement and employee engagement.  In this, we recognize that every initiative requires change, and every change meets with some resistance.

 It is crucial for leaders to understand that change is happening not only within our organizations, but also within our societies at large.  Continuous, unrelenting change has become the rule, not the exception. This can leave people with a sense of powerlessness and disengagement.

The key to adapting effectively to this turmoil is helping employees to become more resilient in the face of constant change.  As individuals and teams develop greater resilience and become more engaged, the larger organization will become more resilient as well.

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The result is an organization that is more productive, more profitable, has a more engaged workforce, and is prepared to innovate rapidly in the face of ever changing market forces.

For over 24 years, Delta Partners has been showing people how to manage change by building change management into everything we do.  It is our job to help you, as change leaders, to rethink how you engage your employees and move forward as efficiently as possible with the least amount of unnecessary disruption to normal operations.

‘Change Management’ is what, exactly?

The role of Change Management is to identify the root causes that prevent individuals and groups from accepting new ways of working, and to develop and implement strategies that will provide them with the skills they need to move forward.

Every project – large or small – should include this process.  But it’s important to acknowledge that not every initiative requires the same amount of Change Management support. This is where the Delta Partners approach saves time and money.

We use our diagnostic framework to identify the appropriate level of intervention so that you are not spending more effort than is needed.

Major change initiatives

Having said this, moving organizations and people through a major change process is never an easy task. Frequently, these initiatives fail due to active or passive resistance and more frequently due to a lack of clear strategic planning to implement change.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the more closely connected change management planning is with project planning, the greater the chance a project will meet its objectives, stay on schedule, and stay on budget.

For this reason, we always integrate change management and project management plans.

Integrated Change Model

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Our preferred strategy is to empower work groups at all levels to identify and resolve their own change management issues.  In a full-blown change initiative, this starts with the senior management team and cascades down through the organization.  However, it bears repeating that such an intensive level of intervention is frequently not needed.  For example, where high levels of trust and learning capacity characterize the organizational climate, a simple communication strategy may be all that is required.

Creating Success with Specific Assessment and Intervention Tools

We use a variety of tools to analyze and communicate the ‘root causes’ of resistance and implement a change management strategy.  In our choice of tools, we generally use those that are supported by sound research and have an intuitive appeal to common sense.   Examples of frequently used tools include:

  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Organizational Culture Assessment
  • Organizational Learning Diagnostic Protocol
  • Leadership Style Assessment
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Change Integration Checklist
  • Communication Planning Template

Looking for more?

To learn more about the specific Change Management services that we offer, visit our Change Management solutions page.  Or, if you are looking for additional reading about Change Management, Organizational Development, or Leadership, please visit this resource page.

And you should always feel free to contact us directly for more information about Delta Partners and the work that we do.


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