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Change Management Resources

Everyone is talking about change.  The rate of change, the ceaseless pressure of change, adapting to change, change fatigue – all legitimate concerns.  Well, since helping complex organizations cope with change is our business, we're talking about it too.

To lead change, we must learn to teach

We have been digging into aspects of change leadership that are rarely discussed: organizational change starts with personal change, but what do leaders need to know about creating effective personal change?  In this five part series we explore some new ground and provide managers with a starting point as they develop their own personal approach to change management.

Change management has become a core competency for every leader/manager regardless of the size, complexity, or nature of their organization.  Continuous change is the 'new normal'. As you begin to think about your approach to the challenge of managing change, we pulled together a list of our pieces that we think you will find useful.

Change Management


Employee Productivity


Leadership and Implementation


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