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Process Improvement

By using Delta's business process improvement solutions, tools and techniques your organization can:

  • Improve client satisfaction;
  • Increase innovation in service delivery;
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement;
  • Reduce delays, lead times, inventories and costs;
  • Eliminate waste and focus on value-added activities;
  • Capitalize on effective teamwork and partnerships; and,
  • Improve quality, productivity and efficiency.

We can provide your organization with a business process improvement solution that recognizes and maintains a balance between the technical tools and techniques of data collection, analysis and the experiential facilitation of stakeholder engagement and commitment. We balance the art and science of process improvement while encouraging innovation by approaching the situation from a holistic perspective.

Our choice of tools and techniques on both the technical side and the people side are determined by a combination of the actual objectives (based on what prompted your organization to initiate the improvement project at this time), the stated objectives, the operating environment, the allocated budget and the culture of your organization as indicted by the your preferences in terms of intensity of collaboration, degree of analytic rigor and desire for employee and/or other stakeholder engagement.

We can provide you services in the following areas:

Delta Partners also provides training & facilitation programs help you ensure that your process improvement efforts have a measureable impact on your bottom line.  Our process training employs a variety of tools and client-specific case studies to ensure that your team actually acquires the skills that they need to implement change:

Process Management Training

Root Cause Analysis Training


If you would like to discuss your process improvement needs with a Delta Partners associate please click here to contact us for a free, no-commitment consultation.


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