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Performance Management - New Training Programs by Delta Partners

The new TBS Directive on Performance Management has been in place since April, and the feedback that we are hearing is that many departments are finding the requirements more difficult to implement than they expected.

There are two distinct, but equally important, aspects to the challenges that have been discovered:Pm-training chalkboard

  • Managers lack the knowledge and experience required to appropriately implement an employee performance management program; and,
  • There is a profound disconnect between filling out the forms properly and creating a program that actually results in meaningful communication, improved performance, and engaged employees.

And, while senior managers can often predict the first issue, the second point comes as a shocking surprise to many.

Introducing: Performance Management Training Workshops

Delta Partners senior consultants, Gita Baack and Andrée Robertson, have delivered hundreds of performance management training sessions to managers and frontline employees in the federal Public Service. But that landscape has changed dramatically in the past few months, so we are happy to announce that Gita and Andrée have developed new Performance Management Training Workshops that are specifically tailored to the requirements as outlined by TBS. 

Click here to learn more about the specifics of this new program and how your managers can implement the TBS system while fostering real leadership and mentoring that engages employees rather than alienating them.