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Debra Sunohara

Performance Management or Relationship Management?

In an ideal world, a performance management system would be so much more than just a performance agreement, a performance appraisal, a response to budget constraints, doing “more with less”, or reporting transparency. It would help create…  continue reading

Risk Is Not a Four Letter Word

Along with resolutions, a new year often means change and new initiatives. New opportunities can be an exciting time, but before you jump feet first into a new project/initiative, you should ask yourself: Is it worth the risk? What are…  continue reading

Why Change Initiatives Fail

Editor’s Note: This post is a follow-up to Debra’s recently published, Is Your Organization Ready to Change? and offers some valuable food-for-thought as managers contemplate their next steps... An organization’s ability to successfully…  continue reading

Is Your Organization Ready to Change?

Though it may have been painful, your organization has just gone through a large-scale change initiative. And now you are starting your next change project, right on the heels of the first one. Taken together, this just might be too much…  continue reading

5 Ways You Can Become a Better Listener

We spend a lot of time in our blog posts talking about employee engagement and how the single greatest driver of employee engagement is the employee’s personal relationship with their immediate supervisor. It is therefore crucial for…  continue reading

Getting to The Root of The Problem with The 5 Why’s

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.

 For want of a shoe the horse was lost.

 For want of a horse the rider was lost.

 For want of a rider the battle was lost.

 For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.

 And all for the want of a…  continue reading

Layoff Survivors - What can a manager do for those still standing?

In light of the recent events at Microsoft, we thought that it would be appropriate to revisit a popular piece published on the Delta Blog. Originally posted two years ago under the title ‘Demoralized Workforce – What can a manager…  continue reading

Key Considerations when Implementing Performance Management in the Public Service

(This post is a follow-on to Debra's previous  – TBS & Performance Management: Hit & Miss?) Unfortunately, many Performance Management (PM) systems are structured with relatively junior employees in mind, and even for that employee…  continue reading

TBS & Performance Management: Hit & Miss?

Not all organizations choose to implement performance management systems. The people who design, implement and run the systems do not expect that they will actually add value.  Employees typically perceive performance management (PM)…  continue reading

Do you praise your employees enough? (updated)

We’ve been spending some time in our recent blog posts talking about employee engagement and how the single greatest driver of employee engagement is the employee’s personal relationship with their immediate supervisor. Your ability to…  continue reading

Delegate with Meaning: 4 Steps to Success (updated)

In several of our recent blog posts we have been highlighting that the single greatest driver of employee engagement is the employee’s personal relationship with their immediate supervisor. The question then becomes, what steps can…  continue reading

What Every Employee Can Do to Improve Engagement

At the root of above average performance is a workplace culture that engages employees. As organizations struggle to cope with constant and accelerating change, they are beginning to accept the need for cooperation, flattened…  continue reading

Food Safety and the Leadership Vacuum – Dallas 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in the 3rd annual Food Manufacturing and Safety Forum in Dallas, Texas. Delta Partners was there to discuss our consulting capacity in organizational development and change management, as…  continue reading

How Teams Make Good Decisions

Teams and collaboration have never been more important in the workplace; more and more Gen Y’s and Gen Z’s are joining the workforce and expect group work and sharing ofideas/information to be the norm.  The world is mobile and…  continue reading

Employee Engagement and the Government of Canada (Part 2)

In the case of the public sector, government debt and deficits create a compelling argument to cut costs.  In both cases, what employees want and expect from their employment relationship, and what employers can afford to deliver, are…  continue reading

Employee Engagement and the Government of Canada (Part 1)

Thousands of public service employees are still waiting to find out their fate; will their jobs be affected by budget cuts, will they find another position elsewhere in government, should they start buffing up their LinkedIn profile, or…  continue reading

Books You Should Read 2012: 5 New, 5 Not So New, 5 In the Works

 Some of our colleagues here at Delta Partners have recommended books that they have read and loved in 2012, that they have recently reread and still love, and that they can’t wait to read once they become available. And so, as many of us…  continue reading

Personal skills for surviving organizational change

Transformation projects fail all the time – it’s common knowledge. The data can be difficult to nail down, but it is consistently reported somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of all business transformation projects do not achieve their goals.…  continue reading

Resilience - Help your team spring back.

We are living in a time of great uncertainty.  Everything around us seems to be unsettled right now: our economic stability, our climate, our health care.  Even the way we do our jobs, the tools we use, and the way we lead our…  continue reading

The 9 Ingredients of Effective Teams

For years the workplace focused on the individual. This has been evolving, and in today’s workplace you can no longer sit alone in your office plugging away on your desktop – you need to be mobile and connected. Leaders now…  continue reading